Mont Edu and Day Care

Day Care and Beyond the school( after school) platform with complete care for your child

Ephphatha is dedicated to fostering the Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Physical growth of the child.

Stimulation for speech and language development of the child Oral (Phonics), Rhymes ,story time( Nanny Stories )to develop learning skills Music,Art and Crafts, fun loving activities/ Games and after school program for the child.

We make your child ready to Speak… Learn.. Play

Ephphatha Day Care program is designed to provide your children with the safe,warm and and environment filled with love that foster thier confidence to explore their world through play, we at Ephphatha Day Care provide opportunities for the children to encounter various learning possibilities including listening to music, creating art developing social skills, learning finger plays,playing in the sensory table, Listening to Stories and Poem, Stimulation of Language and Exploring the outdoor and becoming aware of the world around them.

We work on the assumption that calm and security form the optimum basis for children to develop to their full potential, both individually and within the group.

The objective of Ephphatha DayCare Centre is to make the Day Care centre a Home Away from home, The activities of this centre are planned with scientific approach and professional Management our team comprises of individuals who go above and beyond the current standards.

Ephphatha Day Care Centre a structured schedules that include plenty of time for the physical activity, Quiet time( Including daily Reading Session for group and individuals) group programs, individual activities, meals,snacks and free time,stimulating creative and imaginative Play.

Its Unique and new for the first time introducing residential services from 6 months onwards I.e Mont Edu & Day Care 24 × 7 for the parents of kids who are working professions like Doctors,Nurses ,I.T and other shift Jobs along with pick and drop facilities.

Transport Facilities are available from Surathkal and other Main Cities in around 15 Kms from the Premises.

  • Receive Good Care and Individual Attention
  • Can feel Safe and at Home in a Calm and Secure Environment
  • Learn to Communicate, Play and have fun Together
  • Can Develop in their own way and at their own speed
  • Are offered Materials and Activities which will enable them to develop their own Creativity
  • Experience a safe structure through a Recurring daily Rhythm
  • Exploring Musical Instruments that help Children learn how Different Instruments work and the sound they create
  • Stimulation to Language
  • Listening to Music, Singing, Playing Musical Instruments, and moving to Music are all activities that support children’s development across several different domains

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